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Bryant Appraisal Services offers you a chance to get the sq footage of your new listing WITHOUT climbing in the bushes to measure a house. Don’t copy the sq footage from an old listing and be liable, let our highly trained and efficient team measure and calculate sq footage, get the room sizes for the MLS, or even create a beautiful floor plan for your listing! For improved accuracy, we got rid of pencils and graph paper and use laser tools, digital angle finders, and tablets in the field. We can give you the sq footage of the property on the spot and then send you a basic sketch and room sizes or floor plan for the MLS within 24 hours!

We offer many different services to realtors because we know each listing is different and requires a different level of marketing. The most popular tool we offer is what we call a sketch. The sketch is $50-$70 and includes a basic sketch of the home, living sqft, total sqft, and room sizes(basically everything you need for the MLS). The floor plan takes the sketch a step further by including all interior walls, counter tops, appliances, tubs, toilets, sinks, etc. The floor plans start at $75 and go up from there depending on living sqft and complexity. The NEWEST tool we are offering to agents is a pre-listing consultation. One of the biggest reasons Realtors hire an appraiser is to get an appraisers opinion of price BEFORE  the house hits the market. An appraiser will determine value once the house goes under contract, so why not get their opinion on price before you list?! This tactic saves both time and money by helping to reduce the occurance of a home being overpriced and sitting too long on the market. The report offered by Bryant Appraisal Services starts at $125 and consists of:

An observation of the home which includes measuring the home to determine accurate living area, total area, and room sizes

Identifying potential FHA/VA deficiencies so those can be remedied before they are a problem once the home is under contract

An overview of the neighborhood and subject market area

Three competitive listings

Three recent comparable sales

Price estimation – suggested list price, suggested sale price, and probable marketing time

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